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By: Tim McMahon | April 04, 2013

Customer Relationship Management. It’s a great idea for any company large or small and it should be a “must have” for any sales organization or sales rep. But just selecting a CRM system and filling out the preset fields won’t produce the potential benefits you want ...   - Tim McMahon

What Should a CRM System Do For Me?

There are only three goals in Sales: GET, KEEP, and GROW. A good CRM system should be designed to help you GET new customers, KEEP them,and GROW the business you do with them. Nothing more, nothing less.

How Can a CRM System Help Us GET, KEEP, and GROW New Business?

Marketing - Your system should help you identify and focus on prospects with the highest potential and build a sales campaign to regularly ...

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By: Tim McMahon | March 25, 2013

One of the best and most unique features of ZOHO CRM is Web Apps. If you're not familiar with them, the basic idea is that you can add a "tab" to the ZCRM menu bar that will open the web page of your choice. In its simplest use that might be a link to the company website, an industry news site, or any site that your sales reps go to regularly. It's a convenience that can put everything a sales rep needs right in front of them, eliminating the need to go in and out of their CRM system. Convenience, however, is far from the "Killer App" that would really motivate sales reps to fully utilize CRM.

Here's the problem with CRM systems - from a company's standpoint (and especially management's) CRM is a fantastic idea. When management has the oppor...

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