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The Opportunity Analyst

Every top performing salesperson faces two challenges ...

(1) the decision to pursue or ignore a sales opportunity based upon an assessment of whether an opportunity can be won, and, if so, with a reasonable expenditure of time and resources; and (2) deciding on the most effective selling strategy. 

The Opportunity Analyst is a live, interactive assessment tool developed by Timothy McMahon & Company designed to help you identify and evaluate the key "Opportunity Factors" - risk factors which should be considered before actively pursuing a potential sale. By identifying and considering these factors a salesperson can make the "go/no go" decision and develop a more effective sales plan.


HOW TO USE THE ASSESSMENT: scroll down through the worksheet entering a value of 3,2,1 in the yellow cell to the right of the performance factor based on how well your opportunity currently fits the "best case" description shown for each factor. Entering a value will display an evaluation of the factor followed by a set of potential sales strategies. At the end of the worksheet a summary of all assessments and strategies is displayed. By clicking on the Excel icon button on the lower right you may download an Excel copy of the full worksheet suitable for printing.

NOTE: The data entered into this assessment is not saved and will be erased upon completion of your session. Please download the worksheet if you wish to save or print this information. DISCLAIMER:       The evaluations and coaching strategies are provided as possible insights and no claim or warranty is made for their appropriateness for any sales situation nor is there a guarantee of sales results.

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The Sales Opportunity Seminar

Bring the Sales Opportunity Seminar to your organization. In this interactive session we explore each of the Opportunity Assessment criteria in depth so that you gain a deeper understanding of them and how to develop the most effective sales strategies. This is a hands-on seminar where participants discuss their challenges and collaboratively develop ideas and strategies to improve sales performance. Please contact us to learn more: Email Us or   Call Us