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Selling in the REDZONE ... In football, the "redzone" is the last twenty yards of the field where the going is hardest and only the best succeed. The Redzone is a powerful analogy for today's tough economy. In the session your audience will learn seven world class "Power Plays" to drive success in the Sales Redzone.

SCRATCH SELLING - like "scratch" golf, it's about playing (selling) at the Top of Your Game every day. Learn the 7 "scratch" strategies for Sales (and you might improve your golf game at the same time!) A great presentation for any sales team ... or sales meeting with a round of golf on the agenda!

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SIMPLE SELLING - just the basics, please! The best sales calls have a structure and a basic sequence that involves discovery of customer needs and goals, presenting a powerful "value proposition" and leads to a "natural close". No matter what you level of experience, this little program is a great reminder that the basics work!

The 7 GREAT MARKETING STRATEGIES ... today every sales person needs to be as much "marketer" as "seller". The most successful have learned how to actively create new opportunities of business they can win. Learn the 7 simple but powerful techniques of "field marketing" that every sales rep in every industry can master for success!

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C4 LEADERSHIP - Sales Management Strategies ... Every sales manager is wants to be a powerful Leader, not just a "manager". In this program you will learn the four "C-Steps" to becoming an effective LEADER COACH & MOTIVATOR .

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